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ALPAY MARBLE, which started in 1996 as a small quarry business and wants patience and hard work, continues this journey as a big company with 4 factories and one of the most valuable marble quarries in the world.

Alpay Marble, innovation and technical developments in marble sector To be followers, but also practitioners of these developments and in Turkey Our mission is to be the pioneer.
In line with these principles focused on customer satisfaction, quality and success, other issues that we will not make concessions while continuing our commercial life are respecting the safety of our employees and the world we live in using environmentally friendly technologies.

Alpay Marble is the vision of being the first company that comes to mind when it comes to the marble sector and not to compromise its commercial principles while realizing this.
Since the day it was founded, it has approached its vision step by step and to become a leader in the sector by taking its position even further in the future and summarizing our future plans.

Marble is a composition formed by the recrystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones as a result of metomorphism. 90-98% of its compositions are composed of CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate). It contains MgCO3 (Magnesium carbonate) at a low rate. The main mineral in marbles consisting of CaCO3 crystals is als Calcite.. Small amounts of silica, silica, feldspar, iron oxide, mica, fluorine and organic materials may also be present. The colors are usually white, beige, brown and grayish. However, they can also be patterned in colors such as yellow, pink, red, bluish, brownish and black due to foreign substances. When examined under a microscope, it is seen that it consists of iyice Calcite Crystals iyice which are interlocked with each other.

Blanco Ibiza and Silver White also have this special material in the world natural stone literature, Alpay Marble is competitive in the sector and competes with itself, increasing its investments day by day and riveting its place at the summit of the natural stone sector. Alpay Marble is committed to working with professional people in all key points from production to marketing, and is proud of its service to the world construction sector with its 60.000 - 70.000 m³ / year block production and 1.000.000 m² final product capacity.